Exhibitions continued


Charles Addams Festival: Cartooning For Kids
A Collaborative Program of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation
and the Children’s Museum of the East End


The 4th annual Charles Addams Festival: Cartooning For Kids Workshops, took place in late July and early August, 2007 at the Children's Museum of the East End in Bridgehampton, New York. In addition to the week-long cartooning workshop for first-time attendees, a class for advanced students was offered this year. Children ages 8-13 attended both workshops taught by illustrator Peter Spacek, who guided them in appreciation of the work of master cartoonist Charles Addams (1912-1988) while finding their own style and expression. To achieve this, students were required to work with ideas and/or captions from Charles Addams originals without seeing the actual works. As well, they were taught the same techniques of drawing used by Charles Addams throughout his long and illustrious career. On the final day of each workshop, children with their parents and guardians attended a reception at the Foundation during which they viewed the original works upon which the ideas were based so they could see how different and alike their cartoons and interpretations were from the Addams versions. The children received Certificates of Cartooning for their participation and selections of their works were chosen for the exhibition in the Legacy Family Tree Gallery at CMEE.


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